Feed My Lambs

An outreach effort designed to distribute free lunch/dinner plates during the summer, fall and winter months in order to combat hunger in the local community.

Hour of Power

DOTK’S Hour of Power is a women & teen girl’s community bible study. Study sessions are held every Tuesday evening. Our aim is to fellowship, build relationships, provide mentoring, teaching, and encourage application of biblical principles and practices to empower and transform  the lives of women and teen girls who reside in the Franklin community and beyond.

Back to School Field Day Extravaganza

A community event held yearly with an aim to celebrate and inspire students with a positive message prior to returning to school, provide a means of visible support, distribute free back packs with school supplies along with free hygiene kits.

Bondage Breaker Women's Conference

The conference is geared to confront the harsh realities of what it is like to be a woman in today’s society, destroy and free women from negative stigmas which lead to self-destructive choices, and a negative self-image. Conference workshops provide inspirational messages and practical solutions geared to improve the welfare of women, build self-assurance and a positive self-image in those residing in the local community and beyond.

Miss D.O.T.K. Pageant

An annual event that aims to destroy low self-esteem, the negative self-image, build confidence, and reinforce self-worth and a positive self-image in girls and women residing in and beyond the Franklin/Williamson County area.

Get involved and equip our next generation.

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